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What is Total Annihilation?

Total Annihilation (TA) is a Real Time Strategy game created in 1997 by Cavedog Entertainment. The game is without official support ever since CDE went out of business in summer of 2000, but there are still people interested in playing and modding it.

Real Time Strategic Carnage provides the best description of TA I found so far on the Internet. I suggest you check this site in case you are looking for a more detailed discussion of TA's modability, its graphics and the resource system used.

The purpose of the following documents and links is to provide some essential information and downloads you need if you want to play TA on the Internet. Most of the online TA players require this standard and you will have a hard time getting a game going online without it.


Although you can use the Sitemap link on the top right below the search field or the anchor links following this section to navigate thru the site, making use of Dokuwiki's search feature is the quickest path to the content you are looking for.

TA Essentials

Original add-ons

3rd party add-ons

TA sites on the Internet

TA knowledge base

TA and network routers

TA and lag

Recorded games

Site History

2014-10-12 Move of site content to Dokuwiki complete.
2012-06-13 TA Consistency Checker update: With ModLocator DLL version the program should now run on Windows Vista and 7 without any hassles too.
2011-12-30 Good Old Games is offering the TA Commander Pack as downloadable version (about 1 GB in size) for 6,00 US $.
2010-12-28 TA DirectPlay Windows Registry Patcher updated to version The installer instance now runs on Windows Vista and 7 without encountering an error.
2007-03-20 Today Peter Mavo222 Chetwynd founder and leader of the 222 clan passed away after having fought a long battle against cancer.

Edel sei der Mensch, hilfreich und gut.

All that he was. And it came bundled with a good sense of humor. A personality quite rare among the people one usually encounters online.
2002-08-15 TA Demo Recorder 0.99b2 has been released by the Swedish Yankspankers. All major bugs reported for the previously released version 0.99b should be fixed in 0.99b2.
2002-08-05 The Swedish Yankspankers have a new version of their TA Recorder ready. It seems to include the 3D replay module already so stop drooling and head over to their website instead.
2002-05-20 It's official now: Screamer, one of the admins on the TA Universe forums resigned from his duty. He was well respected by the people who made TAU their home and had spent quite some amount of his time to keep the boards up and running.
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